Silicone Sponges Multipurpose Scrub Brush

1.Food-grade silicone.
2.Pack of 5 silicone dish sponge, blue, green, pink, purple, red.
3.Easy to hang with a hook. No space occupation, easy to dry and storage.
4.Made of high quality FDA-approved Silicone. It could be used to wash dishes, glasses, vegetables and fruit.
5.Easy to clean, quick dry & dishwasher safe. Speedy natural drying, no bacteria, no deformation and no residue.
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This eco-friendly antibacterial silicone dishwashing sponge is the perfect replacement for your everyday stinky sponge. It is designed to provide long-lasting antibacterial properties for odors caused by mold, mold and common bacteria. Its soft silicone bristles not only make it suitable for all surfaces, but it also dries quickly and does not contain any food particles, making it the perfect kitchen cleaning tool. Throw it in the dishwasher and clean it.

Flexible - to reach all hard-to-find areas: Unlike all those bulky and square kitchen sponges, our silicone dishwashers reach all hard-to-stain areas. This silicone scrubbing sponge is flexible, malleable, lightweight and compact, suitable for glasses, bulky corners, boilers, salad bowls, coffee cups, messy pots and pans.

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