Silicone Nipple Shields With Carrying Case

1.Naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipples that are ideal for breastfed babies.
2.Designed to eliminate nipple confusion issues.
3.Safe in microwave, boiling water, dishwashers and sterilizers.
4.Made of 100 percent safe hygienic silicone.
5.Dual anti colic vents prevent unwanted air intake and reduce colic.
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Sometimes breastfeeding can be a challenge. For women with problems with breastfeeding, these problems can usually be solved with high-quality contact nipples and medical aids. Medela's contact nipple shields are designed to address common breastfeeding problems such as difficulty in latching, pain, flat or inverted nipples. Made from 100% ultra-thin soft silicone, these contact nipple shields have a unique design and incision area that promotes maximum skin contact between you and your baby. This will not only help your baby get the breast milk needed for development, but also promote maternal and child relationships.

We are proud to manufacture our contact nipple shields, which use 100% pure silica gel and all other breast pump products that come into contact with non-BPA plastic materials. This ensures the integrity of breast milk as well as strong nutrition and benefits. For your convenience, we also offer contact nipple shields and portable carrying cases for travel or business trips outside the city. It is best to always protect the spare contact nipple shield.

We strongly recommend using our contact nipples under the direction and guidance of a doctor, lactation consultant or other health care professional to ensure proper use and address any potential breastfeeding challenges or problems. The main goal of Medela is to help mothers successfully breastfeed their babies for the time they choose. Responsibly achieving this goal is at the heart of everything we do.

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