You Still Don't Know What Silicone Products Are?

- Nov 08, 2019-


            Some people say that when it comes to silica gel, he is full of thoughts about what to do with adult products. Others say that mentioning silica gel makes him think that this kind of thing is just a material, but people still want to talk about silicone to let it know. There are also silicone protective sleeves for adult products. In addition to these superior effects, what are the silicone products that you don't know?

            Silica gel belongs to a kind of highly active substance. Alias: Silica gel. In real life, silica gel raw materials can be used as auxiliary materials for different industries. Because of its certain adsorption capacity, and its stability and chemical properties are outstanding, in addition to being a liquid auxiliary material. As a solid silicone product (hard rubber), it is widely used in the market. Silicone is also known as silicone. However, silica gel belongs to a large category, including silicone and inorganic silicon. Silicone and inorganic silicon are also a category, including silicone rubber. , liquid glue, large pore silica gel, coarse pore silica gel, fine pore silica gel and many other materials.

            Silicone rubber products are commonly used in various industries and belong to a silicone-silicone-solid silicone material. Therefore, many silicone products that are seen on the market are purchased from silicone solid or liquid silicone. Processing, while solid and liquid are all silicones, but the process is different, so some products that can't be done by solid-state molding process can be made by liquid process, and liquid can't be made by solid-state process. The two processes belong to each other, just materials. different.


            In addition, silica gel raw materials have excellent characteristics. Some seals, daily necessities, electronic accessories, protective shells, etc. are made of silicone material in various industries, so it can be as simple as you think! Unlike rubber, silica gel is an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic material. It does not conflict with people and any substances. In recent years, it has gradually become well-known in the market and put into use in various industries. So now I am talking about silica gel. I think you should know something. Let's go!