Why Is The Transparent Silicone Phone Case Easy To Turn Yellow?

- Nov 22, 2019-

              The phenomenon of yellowing of silicone material appears in the consumer's word of mouth, but there is a saying that "real gold is not afraid of fire", so the same meaning for silicone products, since there is a yellow phenomenon, then as long as it is high quality Naturally, the material will not become a disadvantaged product for consumers. Therefore, the phenomenon of yellowing and discoloration occurs in the silicone protective cover. From the products produced by regular silicone products manufacturers, it is generally not yellowish discoloration, and the phenomenon of yellowing can be divided into The time is too long and the yellowing is intermittent. One is that the yellowing starts after a few days of production. The yellowing phenomenon of the transparent color product is the most common phenomenon, and the source has to be controlled from the manufacturer.

             The transparent silicone protective cover is used for a long time. The transparent color is analyzed from the raw materials. No color plastic is added. The color body is a silicone material. If the anti-yellow agent is not added to the raw material, the product will appear yellow after long-term use. The phenomenon, in the use of the process of improper use, the yellowing area and color will be more obvious, so long-term use in addition to raw material control, control during use is also very important! Professionals know that silica gel does not conflict with any substance. After the addition of vulcanizing agent, the compounding reaction undergoes high-temperature molding, and the long-term exposure to the air causes the product to react physically. The phenomenon of yellowing is different after the difference between climate and environment!


             Generally, there is a color change phenomenon when the silicone product manufacturer produces and processes. This phenomenon is generally caused by the mold temperature being too high, the product will be deformed and become brittle, and the edge horn has not completely formed a physical reaction, so it usually takes a while. There is a phenomenon of yellowing. In this case, the temperature of the mold and the time of vulcanization should be controlled. The temperature should be shortened and the vulcanization time should be shortened. When the vulcanizing agent is added too much, the fluidity is too active and the discoloration becomes yellow. They are all anti-yellow vulcanizing agents, and the flowability is good for some appearance parts and transparent products. Therefore, the yellowing phenomenon of your silicone protective cover may be the vulcanization molding of the manufacturer using broken copper vulcanizing agent.