Why Is The Silicone Cleansing Instrument Getting More And More Hot?

- Sep 27, 2019-


        With the good development of the silicone cleansing instrument market, the silica gel cleansing instrument has become an indispensable cleansing product in our life. Since the cleansing market has a high customization rate in the product market, let the small series explain to you:


Features of silicone cleansing instrument:

       1. It has an antibacterial effect;

       2, waterproof;

       3. Wireless inductive charging;

       4, durable.


Note on the use of silicone cleansing instrument:


       1, easy to clean, but also prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, aphids and other pathogens!


       2, before using the cleansing device, you do not know that the face can be washed so clean!


       3, only wash by hand, we have no way to achieve deep cleaning in place!


       4, can only clean off some of the dust on the surface of the skin and make-up!



Silicone cleansing method


       1. Apply the commonly used cleansing lotion on the face or cleansing instrument, use a wet silicone cleansing instrument to clean some silicone heads.


       2. Press the middle button to open the cleansing mold. The left button reduces the prime rate, the right button increases the rate, and the face is circularly cleaned. After the cleansing, press twice to enter the sleep mode.


       3. Clean the face with clean water or apply toner or essence. Press the middle button twice to start the soothing massage mode. Adjust the appropriate speed with the left and right buttons.