Why Does The Silicone Silk Screen Seep Bottom?

- Jun 08, 2020-

     When the customer consults the operation of silicone printing, there will be penetration, which leads to product scrapping. Today, Chengyin Company teaches you how to avoid this problem.

    The printing silica gel produced by Chengyin Company is a two-component oily liquid with two components AB and a ratio of 10:1. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless and easy to operate.

    Generally, during operation, if the viscosity of silica gel is too low, the consistency is too thin, and the mesh of the fabric is too sparse, it will be easy to penetrate.


     When this problem occurs, it is generally necessary to solve and control from the operation method and the thin consistency of the liquid silicone. When debugging the silicone, for the fabric with too sparse mesh, first use the thick silicone to make the primer, and at the same time want the product to have a certain The brightness of the product can be covered with dilute silicone. The dilute consistency of silicone can be adjusted with dilute additives. Do not touch non-environmentally friendly chemical products, so that the problem of penetration can be well avoided, and the product is also very beautiful. .