Why Does The Silicone Sheath I Buy Always Absorb Dust Easily?

- Sep 16, 2020-

  Nowadays, silicone products appear more and more frequently in our daily lives, and they play a very important role, such as mobile phone cases, coasters and so on. But have you noticed that a long-used silicone sheath is easy to get dust and it is inconvenient to clean; the silicone cup lid that is placed on the table is easier to remove dust than the ceramic and stainless steel cup lid. So silicone products tend to absorb dust, what's the matter?


Silicone sheath

  As we all know, products made of silica gel have many advantages: high and low temperature resistance, environmental protection, non-toxic, soft and comfortable, and wide range of use. Easy to absorb dust is a common problem, which is caused by the characteristics of its silicone material. For some silica gel products, in order to prevent them from adsorbing dust, the manufacturer will carry out the corresponding process before leaving the factory. After the silica gel products are processed, products that require appearance, such as gift products, can be coated with anti-static oil to reduce the adsorption of dust....