Why Do Silicone Rubber Products Look Dark?

- Aug 06, 2019-


In the manufacturing steps of silicone products, sometimes manufactured products may have dirty tones and water ripple effects, and this effect is collectively referred to as "dark marks", which is an undesirable phenomenon.

Why do silicone rubber products look dark?

1. The color temperature resistance of the color paste is very small, and a water ripple effect is generated on the surface of the silicone rubber product. When the fabric forms a dark mark, the hue changes by the two colorants. If the temperature resistance of several color pastes is far apart, some color paste will be produced when molding at low temperatures. It does not fade, so some pastes fade due to low temperatures, creating a ripple effect on the surface after the product is formed.

2. The forming concentration is less than the fading of the temperature resistant area of the color paste, resulting in a completely different surface color of the silicone rubber product.

3, the discharge method is not suitable, different types of rubber are mixed together, forming a silicone rubber product surface tone is not the same.