Why Do Silicone Buttons Need To Be Sprayed? How To Choose The Fuel Injection Process?

- Sep 04, 2020-

Why do silicone buttons need to be sprayed? How to choose the fuel injection process?

   Silicone keys can easily absorb dust under normal conditions, so in the production process, we will spray a thin layer of feel oil on the surface of the silicone keys, which can prevent dust and make the feel better. Bo Hao believes that the main effect of fuel injection is to enhance the product’s feel and aesthetics, so that the product maintains a smoother and more three-dimensional feeling, and its process is similar to the painting process of cars and houses, but a few more Only steps. And how do we choose which fuel injection? Let the editor introduce to you!

Silicone buttons


  There are three different ways to deal with the injection of silicone keys:

  1. Spray color oil:

    The color spray is to spray a layer of visible ink on the surface of the silicone button, and the color can be adjusted according to the customer's demand for the product.

  2. Spray extinction:

    Matte ink is a kind of matte ink, its characteristics are similar to PU ink, but spraying matte ink will make the appearance of silicone keys appear matte, and can spray matte effect, the hand feel is also smoother by comparison!

  3. Spray PU:

    PU refers to a kind of ink, which has the characteristics of strong adhesion, wear resistance, and good transparency. The silicone keys sprayed with PU also feel very good and wear resistant. It is also a commonly used spray for silicone keys.

  The above three are what we commonly call "oil-sprayed silicone buttons", and some people call them spray or paint.