Why Are There Bubbles After The Silicone Button Is Molded?

- Feb 01, 2019-

The bubble on the silicone button is a serious bad. This kind of bad silicone button must be scrapped. Then, do you know how the silicone button bubble is formed?

Silicone button molding is to put the refined silica gel material into a silicone button forming extrusion die according to a certain specific gravity, and vulcanize in a vacuum forming machine for a certain period of time, so that the rubber compound forms the silicone button we need in the mold. Silicone button molding does not seem to be difficult, but there are some details that do not pay attention to the good, there will be a lot of bad.

Let's take a look at why there are bubbles after the silicone button is formed.

1. The gas in the molding die is not cleaned.

The refined silica gel compound is placed in the molding die. When the mold is closed, the air is not completely discharged, and the gas is not fused with the silicone rubber compound. This is a major factor in the occurrence of bubbles after the silicone button is formed. .

2. The temperature setting of the vacuum forming machine is too low.

The vacuum forming machine is also called vulcanization temperature, which is an important parameter in the process of forming the silicone button. Generally, the vulcanization temperature of the silicone product is 160~200°, but sometimes the vulcanization time of the silicone button molding is too long or long. The molding operation vacuum machine, the mold temperature is too high or the temperature is too low, so there will be bubbles generated on the surface of the silicone button.

3, the vulcanization time is short, this point and 2 said is a truth.

4. The structure of the silicone button forming mold is unreasonable.