Which Kind Of Car Aromatherapy Bracket Is Practical To Effectively Remove The Odor In The Car?

- Oct 06, 2020-

Cars are the means of transportation we travel every day. Every time we open the door, the most troublesome thing is the smell in the car. Some of the smells are caused by the volatilization of the chemical composition of the car interior materials, and some are caused by the car owner’s smoking or other undesirable things. The habit makes the smell accumulate throughout the year.

When we spend a long time in a closed car with pollution and some impurities, the amount of various pollutants and bacteria is much higher than the air outside the car. Cleaning with ozone, etc. usually does not eliminate hidden dangers left by dead ends.


In order to solve the peculiar smell and bacteria in the car, car owners usually choose to use car perfume to adjust the car's odor. At present, car fragrances are exquisitely shaped, which can optimize the car environment while also playing a role in car decoration. But in the face of the dazzling array of car aromatherapy on the market, how to choose to buy has become the primary concern of car owners.


If you buy a car aromatherapy product of poor quality, it will cause physical discomfort. Today we are going to introduce what kind of car aromatherapy bracket is practical, which can effectively remove the odor in the car.

At present, our commonly used car aromatherapy is divided into three types: solid, liquid and gas.


1. Solid: There are two types of solid aromas: one is balsam, with plant flavors and pigments added, and beeswax is used as a carrier to make balsams of different colors; the other is a solid aroma stick with essential oils added to the wood matrix. The fragrance is light, you can add your favorite essential oil and use it repeatedly.

The two characteristics of the two solid aromas are safety and non-volatile. Although they can be used for a long time, they are very short.


2. Liquid: Liquid perfume is made of essence alcohol solution plus appropriate amount of deodorant and other raw materials. Liquid perfumes are usually packed in glass containers of various shapes, which gives us more choices.

But in hot weather, it is best not to use car perfume in glass containers, because under high temperature and sunlight, the perfume contains alcohol, and it is easy to burst under high temperature conditions.


3. Gas: Aerosol type perfume is mainly used to cover the strong smell in the compartment. Due to its high volatility, perfume can remove car odors in a short time and is only suitable for emergency situations. Moreover, the gas spray container should not be placed in a high temperature environment to avoid the risk of bursting.

After understanding the comparison of the above several kinds of car aromatherapy, Rongjin Silicone Products Co., Ltd. recommends that you use a solid car aromatherapy holder, which can be used as a car interior accessory or can remove odors and purify the air in the car.