Which Is The Best Silicone Plug And Rubber Plug?

- Dec 23, 2019-

            Normally, the silicone rubber plug is a small-scale accessory that we commonly use, and the role of this type of silicone accessory products has also taken a large role, so it can't be said that it has no great effect. In fact, its existence has helped us to solve some of the unpleasant problems of tight sealing, blocking, dust and water resistance, especially in industrial products, electronic appliances and other products. Therefore, the role of silicone rubber plugs and material properties may be considered as And its important category.

             Silicone rubber plugs, most people think of rubber materials and silicone materials, and rubber plugs have until now occupied a major share of the rubber plug market, other rubber types are more selected in the category of silicone materials, so for soft rubber plugs As far as products are concerned, the methods of comparing silicone and rubber materials are used in various industries, and many questions have been revealed here. Which one of silicone plugs and rubber plugs works well? Then today we come to popularize where their differences are at the end.

            First of all, rubber stopper products, as one of the more common types of industrial accessories, have strong advantages, such as dust and water resistance, wear resistance, tear resistance, aging resistance, oil seals, and ozone radiation. There are many types of rubber materials, and the materials over there can be made from dozens of chemical raw materials. Therefore, different properties can be configured for different needs. As some mechanical tight seals, electronic tight seals. For the transportation construction industry and even the aerospace industry, rubber blocking is the most suitable.

           Silicone plugs are different. Its material is mainly based on environmental protection advantages, material texture, comfortable and comfortable use, so it is used in some electronic products, survival supplies and small-scale waterproof and dustproof household appliances, and its raw materials It is a mixture of silica gel and high-molecular-weight molecular silica gel contacted with white carbon black by precipitation method. The molecular chain of the product is well-known, the material is soft and comfortable to use!

            Silicone rubber plugs and rubber plugs have one thing in common. They can be molded into the mold in the vulcanizing machine of the silicone product manufacturer. The difference is that it is more environmentally friendly, has high and low temperature resistance, and feels better when rubbed with color It can be in contact with the human body and skin for a long period of time, so it has been widely used in headset silicone plugs, medical-grade silicone plugs, and even food silicone appliances, mainly due to the special properties of the material, which has made its application range.

           Comparing silicone and rubber materials, they can be compared to: new technology and traditional industries, rubber materials have been heard in the early years, so the use of rubber materials accounted for the majority, and up to now, more and more The reuse of silicone rubber products is because it can replace a larger usage than rubber, that is, environmental performance and various technologies, such as shape, pattern, color, and so on.

            Therefore, there is no certainty as to which of the silicone plug and the rubber plug is good, but they are different in the methods and scenarios of use, and they don't have a better one.