Which Fields Will Be The Development Direction Of Silica Gel Products In The Future?

- Sep 06, 2019-


     A lot of people are talking about the silicone will replace plastic products, there is no denying that the silicone products so far, there are a lot of shortcomings, plastic and stainless steel, relatively, regeneration utilization rate is not high, the price is high, production time and cost relatively also does not have the too big advantage, so in the future development of silicone products areas would be that a regular?


 Below, we talk about the future development direction of silica gel products:

1. In terms of beauty, silica gel products will be used in a large number of beauty products in the future, which is only a small part of the current excavation;

2. In terms of kitchen utensils, silica gel will be used in future kitchen products that can be replaced by plastic, especially children's tableware;

3. Emerging products, such as e-cigarettes and robots, will use silica gel products, and surface silica gel products will be the first choice;

4. Electronic products. Many electronic products are made of plastic and stainless steel.

5, food packaging, disposable tableware, food packaging and so on these are actually not sanitary, and long-term use will cause cancer, compared with silicone products more safe and assured;   

      From the current development direction of silica gel is relatively broad, but I believe the above five points are the important trend and development direction of the future use of silica gel products. Through the hypothesis and simulation of the use of scenarios, we will find that these areas of silica gel products will have a strong use.