What's The Secret Of Keeping Fresh? Choose Six Pieces Of Silica Gel!

- Aug 30, 2019-


     Housewives who cook a lot are often a bit bothered.Newly purchased melons, vegetables and fresh meat and milk need to be stored temporarily after not being eaten.The outdoors is afraid of the heat, food degradation, and even more afraid of rats.Put it in the refrigerator, afraid of the taste of other food, affect the taste of food.Cover it with plastic wrap, worried about hygiene.In the long run, we may waste a lot of delicious dishes.

       It is popular to make soft mulch made of silicone material on the market, which is placed on bowls or plates for fresh food.This food will neither spoil nor go bad.Very good to keep the ingredients fresh.

       But why is silicone crisper so hot these days?In fact, in recent years, for the purpose of environmental protection at home and abroad, silica gel has been used in daily necessities for a long time.Silicone material is soft and plastic, can be used in various tableware shapes, not easy to deformation.Now silicone has reached food grade, there is no need to worry about food safety.The silicone food preservation cover is high temperature resistant and can be heated in microwave oven.
        One set of crisper covers on the market comes with six soft hats in different sizes to accommodate different sizes of tableware.It does offer consumers a very thoughtful choice.Organic silicon has not entered People's Daily necessities for a long time, but by virtue of its high quality environmental protection characteristics and people's life concept changes, it is expected that in the near future, organic silicon commodity will develop into a large industry.