What Materials Do Food Grade Silica Gel Products?

- Sep 02, 2019-


     In many industries, the importance of material selection lies in product quality and function.When it comes to food grade silica material, it is estimated that many partners are not familiar with this kind of raw material, gas phase silica, silica gel, where to prevail?
    One of the most important auxiliary materials of food grade organic silicon raw material is silica gel raw material.Therefore, many manufacturers of silicone rubber products need test reports before selecting and purchasing raw materials, and whether they will be required to do so.Silica is one of the most important materials in solid silica gel.Its heat resistance, temperature resistance and tensile strength are better than ordinary silica gel, so it is a high performance material of high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, which can meet the requirements of food grade high transparency and high tensile performance.Related food grade silica gel product recommendation: food grade silica gel packaging.
   Therefore, gas phase silica gel is the choice of heating food grade organic silicon products.It plays a major role in silica raw material.Due to the fine and flexible silicon chain, the product has high purity, improved hand feel and improved tensile life.The normal service life is more than twice that of the normal precipitation method.Many food grade organosilicon products can reach FDA, ROHS and other test certification in the market is environmentally friendly and non-toxic!
    On the other hand, in the processing and production of silica gel products, gas phase silica gel has certain advantages, has a strong plasticity, can be more finely mixed in the process of rubber refining, adding toner and vulcanizing agent.Allows other excifiers to melt more easily and retain brighter colors to improve viscosity and fluidity.
    Among the raw materials of silicone rubber products, gaseous silica is an indispensable reinforcing material.Due to its unique functions, it has gradually occupied many fields, and is widely used in the retail industry such as medical supplies and daily necessities and other industries.