What Is The Smell Of Silicone Baby Shampoo Brush?

- Aug 14, 2019-


       Many customers respond to the smell of silicone baby shampoos they buy, because silicone itself is tasteless, but it is actually a unique smell. Worried about whether it contains some harmful chemicals.


Reasons for silica gel adsorption:


       The slight taste of silicone baby shampoo does not mean that this taste is harmful. This taste is mainly because the silicone itself is an absorbent silicone product. Due to this adsorption, the silica gel itself is a little bit. Taste, no more irritating taste, unless some manufacturers use other materials to reduce costs at a lower price or add other materials in order to save costs, we all know that sorbed silica can absorb charged dust and electricity in the air. Ions are mainly caused by adsorption bags or other packaging boxes.


Correct understanding of silicone materials:


       The silicone material itself does not have much taste, but its adsorption is strong. The shampoo brush is usually placed in the production machine and placed in a plastic bag, so the silicone shampoo brush is particularly easy to absorb. Some of the electrical ions on the outer plastic bag or the dust in the air will have some taste when purchased by the consumer and will be considered as the shampoo itself.


       The silicone baby shampoo "taste" does not mean that the silicone shampoo brush is toxic, but the shampoo brush is absorbed from the outside. Silicone shampoo brushes can withstand temperatures up to 220 ° C, so they are sterilized with high temperature water and will not damage the bottle material and will not deform.