What Is The Difference Between Food Grade Silicone Pads And General Silicone Pads?

- Jun 22, 2020-

Today's silicone cushion products have become more and more widespread in people's homes and daily lives. Because they are more environmentally friendly than plastic products, and they have the advantages of non-toxic and odorless, heat resistance and long life. However, silicone products are graded, such as food grade silicone, medical stainless steel grade, heat resistance grade, no odor grade. For different grades of silicone rubber, the price is very different, and the average person can identify the differences.

As a result, many unscrupulous stores have the opportunity to succeed. They will fake and inferior and sell general-grade silicone products at sky-high prices. Next, the editor of Dongguan Bohao Packaging Products teaches everyone to use small methods to identify food-grade stainless steel. The difference from common silicone products.

1. Pull hard

Taking the silicone tube as an example, squeeze the two sides of the silicone tube with your hands, and then pull it to the sides. The milky white on the silicone tube means the general silicone tube, and the milky white does not show the food grade silicone tube. If a ring-shaped object like a cup lid is encountered, people "fold it up", and at the folding marks, the blushing means ordinary silicone rubber, and the food grade silicone instead.

2. Nose smell

The pull method basically assists in smelling. If the skin turns white and has a pungent smell when pulling, it is a common silicone product. On the contrary, it means food-grade stainless steel crafts. However, there is a situation where it does not blush when pulled up, but it has a slight taste. It is also a food-grade silicone crafts. It is caused by the sulfide in the production process of the manufacturer and does not harm the quality of the product. In addition, he can autonomously Clear, everyone can feel at ease.