What Is The Cause Of Sticky Silicone Kitchen Utensils After Use?

- Nov 11, 2020-

   More and more silicone products are hot in the market, and there are inevitably advantages and disadvantages. Some silicone products feel that the surface is not smooth enough after using for a period of time, and there is still a sticky feeling, especially in kitchen appliances, or silicone mobile phone cases are obvious. What is the reason for the non-smooth surface of silicone products?

Silicone soup spoon pad

   1. It is caused by raw material problems or improper maintenance.


   2. It is unreasonable to control and use curing agent in the process of raw material mixing. The amount of the added curing agent is not completely cured, causing the product surface to become sticky.

   3. The curing agent and the silicone are not uniformly stirred during kneading, and the mold is cured while curing, and the product is deformed due to the difference in hardness and hardness after the product is cured.

   4. When the machine is cleaning, the mold is not cleaned, and the mold is not smooth enough. Residues in the mold will cause unevenness in the product and make the surface of the product not smooth.

   5. There is no secondary vulcanization   spraying hand oil, etc., that is, the treatment is not enough.