What Factors Will Affect The Price Of Sealed Silicone Products

- Sep 15, 2020-

  When you are looking for a silicone manufacturer to make a batch of goods, you will definitely "shop around" and decide which silicone processing factory to choose through comparison. But in this process, if the quotation is high, it will definitely increase your cost; if the quotation is low, you doubt their production capacity and technology. So what are the price factors that affect silicone sealing products?

Silicone sealing ring

1. Material: Silicone products have different choices of silicone raw materials due to their characteristics. For example, the price of flame-retardant silicone, conductive silicone and ordinary silicone is definitely different.


2. Structure size: The appearance of silicone products is similar but the internal structure size is different. For example, many instruments and equipment keys seem to be the same, but the back structure is far apart, and some have inverted buttons and waterproof edges.

3. Process: Diversity of the manufacturing process of silicone products. For example, spraying laser engraving, hollow screen printing, spraying silver oil, spraying PU, spraying hand-feeling oil, glue and other processes will affect the production cost.

4. Demand and mold: The number of holes in the product mold will affect the production capacity. Only when the demand and the number of mold holes reach a reasonable ratio, can labor costs be reduced and the cost-effectiveness of customized silicone products can be improved.