What Do You Know About The Application Of Silicone Rubber Products Industry?

- Nov 04, 2019-


           Many times, it may be thought that when rubber is used to replace other materials, but other rubber materials that cannot meet the standard but are neglected, such as "silicone rubber", silicone rubber has become a rubber industry. The lack of a species, it is involved in different industries, so it can be seen how its role and advantages can be achieved, and its role in different industries is more and more rapid, you have learned about it The field of application!

Automotive industry:

           The application of silicone products in the automotive industry is growing rapidly. Silicone (especially silicone seals with various characteristics) can withstand the erosion of fuel and lubricating oil, improve the performance of various parts of the automobile, and reduce maintenance costs. It can be used for automobile ignition wire, spark plug protection cover, silicone hose for heating and radiator, muffler lining, battery connector and fuel pump made of fluorosilicone. With the development of electronic electrification of vehicles, room temperature curing silica gel is widely used in adhesive sealants for electronic parts, electrical fittings, potting glass, windshield, car body seals and mirrors.

Electronics and electrical industry:

           The electronics and electrical industries are the earliest and most demanding areas for the use of silica gel as an insulating material. Silicone products are mainly used in TV anode covers, high voltage protective covers, high voltage lead wires, refrigerator defroster wires, power or signal transmission wires and cables. Insulators made of silica gel are widely used in place of ceramics for transmission lines, especially ultra-high voltage lines. Conductive silica gel is used for electrical contact parts and liquid crystal display contact parts of electronic computers, telephones and the like. Wires and cables made of flame retardant and radiation resistant silicone are widely used in atomic power stations. Silicone heating sheets and heating belts are used to control the operating temperature of various precision instruments and oil pipelines, and are used as medical heating blankets for medical treatments. Room temperature curing silicone can be used as a potting material for waterproofing, moisture proof and shockproofing.

           Silicone has been widely used in pump seals for dishwashers and washing machines due to its heat-resistant washing liquid properties. Silicone rubber is ideal for use as a gasket on appliances such as coffee pots, electric fryers and steam irons. Stereo earphones and head pads are made of silicone, which eliminates external noise and is soft and comfortable.

Aerospace Industry:

           Silicone rubber material is an indispensable high-performance material in the aerospace industry. It can withstand the ultra-cold space and the return to the atmosphere, prolong the life of aircraft parts, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and reduce accidents. Mainly used for aircraft body cavity seals, electrical joints, sealing switches, dust and waterproof covers, gasket gaskets, jet engine and hydraulic "O" ring, oxygen mask, regulating diaphragm, hot air duct and Radar wireless shock absorbers, etc. The cauterized silicone is suitable for use as a rocket fuel valve, power source cable and rocket launcher cover to protect against rocket jets. Room temperature curing silicone rubber can be used as airtight seal, window frame seal and shockproof and moisture proof potting material.

Construction industry:

          Silicone rubber products have good weather resistance and workability, and have been widely used as adhesive sealants in the construction industry, surpassing other types of sealants. In recent years, low modulus and high elongation two-component sealants have been developed, which are used for large components such as concrete precasts and curtain walls where joints are moved. Room temperature curing silica gel is also used for the sealing of joints in asbestos-cement slabs, sealing of bathroom bricks and washing appliances. With the decline in rubber prices in the future, the scope of application will be further expanded, such as the replacement of asphalt and neoprene in the application of road joints. The high temperature curing type silicone sponge strip is used as a door and window sealing molding for a building.

  Medical field

           Medical grade silicone products have good biocompatibility, low reaction to the body, stable performance, low blood coagulation, can withstand high temperature and high pressure multiple cooking, and can be processed into various shapes of products, such as films, sponges, air bags, It is currently the most widely used material in medicine. Nowadays, most of the materials of silicone rubber products manufacturers have been transformed into medical fields, and the industry standard specifications have been improved. Most consumers prefer to use medical grade silicone rubber materials as product accessories.

Other fields

         In addition to the above various applications, the use of silicone products in the fields of textiles, printing, machinery, plastics, chemicals, paper, and food and cosmetics has also increased significantly. A typical product is a roller made of silica gel for heat setting, embossing, calendering and fixing of copiers for fabrics and plastics. Air-conditioning windows made of silicone film have been used to store fruit vegetables. In addition, silica gel has achieved good results in textile high-temperature equipment and as a sealing material on equipments with high concentrations of alkali, sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide.