What Causes The Surface To Burn?

- Dec 30, 2019-

          The production of silicone products can not avoid the phenomenon of defective products, so many high-quality silicone products are equipped with high-quality equipment, molds and technical skills of mold operators, and the quality problems of the products are still caused by certain specific factors, For example, due to the parameter adjustment of the machine and the processing process of the operator and other possible reasons, many silicone products are stricter on the appearance of the surface. Therefore, the appearance of the surface is an important control range during processing. During the production process, the surface of the product is controlled. What are the causes of the bad cause?

          The difference between molded silicone products and other processes is that it requires manual operation of the glue. The placement and control of the silicone material is related to the surface quality of the entire product. Therefore, the quality of the product needs to be strictly controlled during the production process. Common problems such as , The quality of the serious lack of plastic, hemp surface may be caused by artificial factors, these phenomena need to pay attention to the following issues!

          Operation problems in the production process occupies one of the main factors. Those in the silicone product industry know that solid-state molding is important to place raw materials. Different feeding methods and speeds may affect the quality of the product, but the speed of the speed also occupies one of them. Due to the structural complexity of the mold, the placement of different silicone rubber products can not be simple, resulting in the surface foaming and semi-cured form of the material in the mold during the discharging process. This factor is mainly due to the structural complexity of the mold. Caused by material not entering the mold cavity in time for curing.

          The parameters of the silicone rubber products manufacturer's machine are also among them. The temperature determines the soft hardness of the silicone rubber products, and the time determines the molding and semi-molding effect of the silicone products. After the mold is released, the temperature of the mold is too high during the discharging process. If the material is not put in time, it is likely to cause scorch, and the silicone rubber products will also cause brittleness, lower tensile and rebound strength, and easier life.

          Other factors that cause dead material also account for the majority, such as spraying release agents on silicone products when they are out of the mold, and handling the phenomenon of mold sticking, which causes the temperature to drop, and the failure of the temperature to rise to a certain processing effect. The mixing prevention time is too long, resulting in incomplete curing, the wrong proportion of vulcanizing agent added in the rubber mixing process, the problem of mold exhaust pressure and so on.