What Are The Quality Factors Affecting Silicone Products?

- Aug 24, 2019-


        First, silica gel raw material quality is not good, poor performance, toughness is not good, then it is easy to cause the situation of fracture, so the silica gel raw material must be good;

        Second, the silica gel products in sulfide link is incomplete, when the molding mould temperature too low or curing time is too short, can cause the product close to not easy demoulding on the mould, also it is easier to appear rupture, there may be other conditions, so need to raise the temperature of the molding or extended link of sulfide vulcanization time. 

       Three, the molding temperature of silicone products is too high, too high temperature will make silicone products in the molding brittle, easy to break out of the mold, it is easy to break the situation, so appropriate to reduce the molding temperature;

       Four, silicone products molding mold surface is too rough or accumulation of dirt, then it is not conducive to demodulation, it will cause cracking, just need to clear the mold or electroplating can be! 

       Five, sometimes because the operator for the stripping of the operation method is irregular, it is easier to appear a lot of problems, so the need for stripping operators to have professional operation training!We cannot avoid the breakage of silica gel products, but we can reduce the proportion of defective products caused by breakage through our good specification. In general, silicon rubber products account for the majority of the cracked silica gel products, so we must pay attention to these aspects in the production process.