What Are The Price Factors That Affect Silicone Products?

- Sep 25, 2019-


         There are also thousands of silicone products that are custom-made, and of course there are similar silicone products. Many people will ask the factors that influence the price of silicone products:


1. Materials: Silicone products have different choices for silica raw materials due to their properties. For example, the price of flame retardant silica gel, conductive silica gel and ordinary silica gel is definitely not the same.


2. Structural Dimensions: Silicone products have similar appearances and differences in internal structural dimensions. For example, many instrumentation silica gel buttons look the same, but the structure of the back is far apart, some have inverted buckles, waterproof edges and so on.


         The main influencing factors are the quantity of requirements and process requirements:


3. Process: The diversity of the manufacturing process of silica gel products. For example, spraying laser engraving, hollow silk screen printing, silver spray oil, spray PU, spray hand oil, epoxy and other processes will affect the production cost.

4. Demand and mold: The number of holes in the product mold will affect the production capacity. Only when the demand amount and the number of mold holes reach a reasonable ratio can the labor cost be reduced and the cost performance of the customized silicone product can be improved.