What Are The Precautions For Silicone Rubber Brush Custom Processing?

- Aug 07, 2019-


When it comes to outdoor travel, it is indispensable for baking and cooking. It is a silicone type tableware. Silicone oil brush can be said to be a kind of kitchen utensils that both Chinese and foreign countries like, as a comparative advantage in making brush oil and seasonings. A kind of tableware, which has reached our requirements in terms of performance, and can also meet the testing requirements for different requirements in production and processing, so a high-quality silicone oil brush is still inseparable from the processing of silicone tableware manufacturers. Process method.


In our daily cooking, we need certain high temperature requirements. Therefore, the brush head of the silicone brush needs a certain temperature requirement for the temperature. Therefore, the raw material of the silicone product can withstand high and low temperature, which is definitely to be achieved. The selection of materials has been paid attention to. Generally speaking, the raw materials of the silicone oil brush must reach a safe edible level, resulting in non-toxic, tasteless and impurity-free quality requirements, so the material must be strictly selected.

       Workmanship is more important. A high-quality silicone product needs to be favored by the user in appearance. It must be done in the production process. The silicone brush is definitely focused on the brush head. Because the brush head of the silicone brush is too long. The process of deeper holes on the mold is made by the discharge of CNC mold, and in the process of making the mold, such as the bottom discharge machining is not precise enough, the brush is likely to produce burrs or breakage, then in the mold Need to pay attention to whether the brush head hole of the brush is discharged in place

What is the function of the silicone brush?

Functional problems then must be said to the functionality of the brush head, because the silicone brush requires a certain degree of toughness and uniformity of brushing oil during the brushing process, it can be affected from the aspect

1, the softness of the material of the brush head material is too hard may cause the brush oil to be too rigid and there will be a splash to the body, the material is too soft for too hard food and not easy to brush.

2, the influence of structural layout, the layout of the silicone brush is evenly available, usually the layout of the silicone brush can not be too wide but not too narrow, the spacing between the distances is 1-3mm, the brush head and the brush head are too wide Back to cause no power, too narrow after the production of silicone brush manufacturers, and there will be sticky when used.

3, the importance of appearance quality, oil brush products belong to a relatively thick product, usually too thick and too soft and broken sides on both sides, so in the production process need to strictly control the actual temperature of the silicone products manufacturers and The curing time, and the black point impurities of the product and the secondary sulfur addition still need strict control.