What Are The Methods For Dispensing Silicone Buttons?

- Feb 08, 2019-

What are the methods for dispensing silicone buttons?

1, manual dispensing, manual use of manual dispensers on the electronic products dispensing, the process is simple, low cost, the disadvantage is wasted labor!

2, manual glue gun dispensing

3, semi-automatic dispensing machine dispensing

4, automatic dispensing machine dispensing automatic dispensing machine is to use the air pressure within the set time, the glue is pushed out. The metering time is controlled by the meter to ensure that the amount of each drop is the same. As long as the air pressure, time and the appropriate needle are adjusted, the amount of each drop can be easily changed. The process is technically high, but at a high cost!

Silicone button dispensing process

Silicone button (color or transparent) oil pressure molding + surface silk screen characters or spray paint (more than 2 times) character laser engraving + surface spray hand oil or PU wear. The product meets ROHS environmental protection requirements, surface RCA wear test, alcohol resistance test can meet industry requirements.