What Are The Main Reasons For The Size Error Of The Silicone Back Box!

- Nov 01, 2019-


            Silicone electronic product jackets and silicone protective sleeves are all appearance decorations. The quality requirements for the size and appearance are strict. For the silicone back box and the appearance protection box that are installed on the outside of the electronic product to protect and visualize the appearance, the product The thickness difference of 0.2mm may cause defects in the product. Therefore, the effect of the bonding of the silicone component must be solved by all means. It is believed that many silicone manufacturers do not want to appear in large quantities during the processing, and the reason It may be because the installation is not suitable, so small problems in any part of the processing process may cause great trouble!

          Some time ago, our company processed a silicone back box for the customer, and the customer was not re-opening the mold, but a small problem caused serious consequences. The reason is that the mold steel is not working, the service life is too Short, resulting in slight deformation of the mold, and the overall part of the product becomes 0.3mm at a wall thickness of 0.5mm, which causes the size of the installed machine to be deformed, and a large number of undesirable phenomena appear, in addition to other product size errors. The reasons are as follows!


          The deformation of the mold leads to errors in the size of the product. Therefore, when selecting the steel for the mold, it is necessary to use a good amount of steel to ensure the normal service life of the mold, and proper mold maintenance and maintenance can maintain the life of the mold. On the other hand, the calibration of the machine is very important. Since the upper and lower dies of the mold need to be parallel-molded, and the machine mold is not corrected up and down, it is likely that there will be a tight side and the product will naturally have dimensional deviation.

       In addition, there is a certain correlation between the pressure of the machine and the temperature. If the pressure is too large, the product may be deformed or even become smaller. The main reason is that the mold is the majority, so the general silicone rubber manufacturers are doing it. Mold development needs to consider the product design and the effects and details of the later use, and the mold will inevitably appear to repair the mold. The silicone bottom box and the silicone protective sleeve product want to do the product quality, then it still needs to work hard from the mold technology. !