What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of Silicone Products?

- Dec 11, 2019-

             Some friends who need custom processing of silicone products must be very concerned about the price they quote, because it is related to the interests of both parties and affects the production of silicone products. Regarding the price of silicone products is so important, what are the factors that affect the price of silicone products?

             First of all, we need to understand how the silicone product processing process is, and understand the process to understand the cost; roughly the process of producing and processing silicone products is as follows:

            From the picture above, you can clearly understand the process of processing and customizing the production of silicone products. From the provision of drawings or samples of custom silicone products you need, to the design of silicone molds-signing a contract-then confirming the proof-and finally opening the large mold production. These processes are interlocking, and these processes affect the price of silicone products, because these processes need to generate costs; let's talk in detail about the costs of these processes. In this way, we can know how much the price of silicone products is.

           1. Drawings / samples: Friends of custom silicone should know this very well. The so-called drawing is the 2D / 3D drawing you use to customize the silicone product, and the sample is the customized model. If you do n’t have a drawing, you need to provide a template. We can help you solve the customization problem by copying the number. The price of the copy of the silicone product is about 500-1000 yuan. These are based on the size and structure of the product. Of course, you do not need to pay for the drawing. Copy cost. So your custom silicone product drawings are a must.

           2. Silicone mold design and mold opening: The molds mentioned here are sample molds and large-volume molds. After providing drawings or samples, we can help you open sample molds and confirm that the samples are OK. (Recommended reading: Be sure to make silicone products. Want to open a silicone sample mold?), We then sign a contract to open a large-scale mold production. The price of silicone molds is determined according to the structure and size of the product. The price can only be quoted after a professional quotation engineer evaluates you. This link is the key factor that affects the price of silicone products, so the price of silicone molds generally determines the price of your product. Therefore, we recommend that you find a professional and competent manufacturer to quote, because the competent silicone manufacturers can provide advantageous prices and Good quality assurance.

           3. Large-scale production: The unit price of silicone products produced by large-scale products is determined according to the quantity you need. You know that the large-scale quantity and the lower price must be lower, so the factor affecting the large-scale production price is quantity!

           The above is a detailed introduction to "What are the factors that affect the price of silicone products?"