What Are The Cars That Use Silicone Accessories?

- Aug 05, 2019-


When it comes to silicone products, the first image of many people is the phone case? In fact, silicone products have been used in our lives. Streets and alleys can be seen everywhere. Small to medium-sized silicone cold, mobile phone sets, speaker sets, accessories for silicone watches and other electronic products, large to automotive seals. Pieces, silicone tube, silicone sound insulation strips, etc.


Everyone in the car has seen and even got a car. Many people should also have a car belonging to their own! Of course, there are many types of cars. Then let's talk about the more common cars. But do we know the technology contained in the car? What is its principle? What is the structure? Including its components and firmware? How to divide these kinds? I believe that many people who use cars don't understand this knowledge. What is the classification of the development history of this car? These we can learn in detail in Baidu Encyclopedia, our focus today is not to discuss this, today I will mainly talk about one of the paper materials in the car: automotive silicone accessories.

silicone product

Whether it is the window lift button on the car, the mirror adjustment button, the waist support adjustment button, or the navigator and the buttons for playing music and adjusting the air conditioner. These are the many cars that have this feature now, and this is our most common/most common thing. Many people may say this is a plastic button. In fact, I tell you that answering plastic parts is wrong. Because it is not elastic, the plastic part is a silicone button. Silicone has a corresponding elasticity. Need to calculate the weight of the elastic force. The elasticity of each car may vary, but the effect is the same. But the operating function in the car can be said to be the same for you.


In addition to the buttons inside the car, the accessories inside the car also have silicone seals and silicone seals. It is common for our car to travel for a period of time or several kilometers of maintenance. Does the maintenance staff screw up the car and turn it on? Put the old oil out? Will there be no oil spills? This is because there are silicone waterproof seals inside, of course, there are also silicone seals/rings in other places, such as glass water tanks, pressurized water tanks, steering wheels, engines and so on. It's just that we rarely see it. Although they are in different locations, they have the same function. They are used to protect against oil, water and leak-proof seals.


After introducing the silicone button and silicone sealing ring in the car, let's take a look at which silicone products are used in the car. Automotive sealant strip, good elasticity, anti-compression deformation, anti-aging and so on. The main function of the silicone tube is to transport oil and water. Silicone cushions, the role of these silicone accessories on the car is generally reflected in: sound insulation, noise reduction, waterproof, dustproof, shock absorption and so on.


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