What Are The Benefits Of Silicone Products For Low Temperature Feel?

- Sep 16, 2019-


In the silicone products industry, we may often hear low-temperature hand-feeling oil. We feel that it is to enhance the feel of silicone products, but what is the low-temperature feel of oil? In fact, low temperature feel oil is used for low temperature vulcanization technology for silicone products! Mainly for silica gel and plastic, silicone and nylon, silicone and hardware and silica gel and other high temperature resistant products.


What are the benefits of spraying low temperature feel oil?


         1. Silicone products spray low temperature feel oil has antistatic, easy to filter, strong adhesion, good wear resistance, low baking temperature, soft and delicate hand feeling, smooth appearance of paint film, uniform surface haze and so on!


         The surface of the silicone product coated with the touch oil has a good luster and feels good to the touch! As shown

2, how to spray low temperature feel oil on silicone products?


         a. First we need to clean the surface of the silicone products! Keep the surface dry!


         b. Secondly, before using the ink, add platinum water PL6 according to the amount of ink, stir evenly, and dilute with white electric oil 6-7 times; when diluting, add white electric oil according to the principle of less first and then more; after dilution, use 300 again. The -400 mesh filter cloth is filtered and applied to the machine or hand sprayed.


         c. Finally, the silicone product is allowed to stand in a dust-free environment for 3-8 minutes and then vulcanized!