What Are The Advantages Of Silicone Placemats?

- Nov 16, 2020-

Advantages of silicone placemats

1. Environmentally friendly or food-grade silica gel is made at high temperature. Because the material is at least environmentally friendly, it is harmless to the human body and will not volatilize harmful substances and can be used with confidence.

2. The colors are diversified. Compared with the placemats of other materials, there are hundreds of colors available for selection of silicone placemats (the PANTONG color card number can be customized), and there is always one color you like. of. I believe there are not so many colors for placemats of other materials.

3. The silica gel product of recycling or resource also has certain advantages. Let's compare it with wooden ones. For wooden ones, we need to cut down the trees (bamboo) to make placemats, while those made of silica gel do not need to cut trees. The rubber juice from the rubber tree is sufficient. And if you don’t like it or break it after using the wood for a long time, you can only throw it away and cannot be recycled, while the silicone placemat can be recycled.

4. In terms of high temperature resistance, silicone placemats are not inferior to placemats of other materials. Silicone products can generally be used at a temperature between -30 and 220 degrees. Other materials may not be used between this temperature difference. Yes, placemats on the dining table are mainly used for anti-scalding and heat insulation. General hot dishes, soups, dry pots and other home-cooked dishes are sufficient for use. Some larger silicone placemats can also be used as potholders. As for scalding the desktop.

5. The advantage of long life. You have to ask me how long the life of a silicone product is. I may not really answer because I haven't seen which silicone product is broken because of its insufficient life.

6. Diversified shapes and beautiful appearance: Everyone has different aesthetics, so they will have different opinions when they see the same product. I believe that people who often cook should know that there are not too many styles. Some people like simple styles, cartoon styles, multi-element styles, stripes, squares, circles, special shapes, etc. They are all different, and there is always a silicone placemat for you. Silicone products have strong plasticity, and various styles and styles can be produced.

7. In terms of cleaning, silicone placemats also have good advantages. Placemats that are connected to bamboo are difficult to clean because of the gaps in the joints. If they are not cleaned for a long time, bacteria will grow in the gaps. Silicone placemats with complex shapes also have such gaps or dead corners, but the silicone material has a very good advantage, that is, it does not stick to oil and is very flexible. The dead corners can be broken and the placemat is not broken. The cleaning problem.

8. Comfortable hand feeling. Traditional placemats are generally hard materials, while silicone placemats are soft silicone with a strong hand feeling.