What Are The Advantages Of Custom Silicone Water Bottle Sets?

- May 09, 2019-

    Now is the tourist season, I believe many of my friends like to go out for a walk, take a walk, go out to the outside world, go out and like to bring their own glasses, recently created a silicone water bottle specially designed for tourists, the bottle is glass, The surface of the bottle is made of silicone raw material. The silicone material is soft and comfortable, the color is bright, and the anti-scalding non-slip silicone water bottle has a good structure. It is very suitable for friends who go out to travel. Which silicone water bottle factory is good? I will explain it to you today:


Silicone water bottle cover

Product Name : Silicone glass cover

Size: 350ml, 420ml, 600ml

Weight: 80g

Color: purple / orange / etc. according to customer requirements

Material: food grade silicone

Packaging: according to customer requirements


Silicone water bottle cover features:

1. The product material is silica gel, non-toxic and safe, you can use it with confidence!

2. According to the characteristics of the trend, the design is exquisite, attractive and practical.

3. Practical, convenient and safe.

4. When burning, it will only decompose into silica and water vapor, which is non-toxic and harmless.

5. Anti-aging, no fading: oxidative decomposition temperature far exceeds similar plastic products. It does not fade at daily temperatures and has a service life of up to 10 years.

6. Easy to clean, oil resistant, watertight, easy to carry, easy to use.

7. Soft, non-slip, feel good, like baby's skin, warm and considerate.

8. Material selection, processing, quality control: The material selection is strictly in accordance with the US FDA standard for food grade silica gel or the LFGB standard for the European Union, and can be customized according to customer requirements and standards.


Silicone bottle manufacturer

Packing specification:

1, inner packaging: carton

2, outer packaging: carton

3, special packaging requirements can be customized