What About Silicone Straws, What's The Difference Compared To Plastic Straws

- Dec 10, 2019-

            Summer is here, and some beverages are used by young people to reduce heat and quench their thirst. Then at this time, straws will be used. Compared with plastic straws, which one is better? What about silicone straws, and what is the difference compared to plastic straws? With this series of questions, we will answer them in detail.

            First of all, let's talk about the plastic straws that we commonly use. Most of the materials are made of plastic because the cost of plastic materials is small. Merchants will sell straws when they sell drinks. Plastic materials cannot be recycled, disposable items. Compared with plastic straws, the price of silicone straws is much higher, mainly reflected in raw materials. The cost of silicone raw materials must increase their prices. Therefore, silicone tubes are not suitable for single use. If you use it in your own home, you can use a silicone tube instead of a plastic tube. The silicone tube is resistant to high and low temperatures. Putting it in the refrigerator or boiling water will not damage the silicone tube and will not produce harmful substances. Plastic straws are not only susceptible to aging, but also not resistant to high and low temperatures. Even some plastic pipes can produce harmful substances at high temperatures.

           This shows that we recommend using a silicone straw

           Disposable plastic straws will also cause great damage to the environment. It will take hundreds of years for natural degradation of plastic products in the natural environment. Not healthy or environmentally friendly. The silicone tube can decompose quickly and naturally without causing any damage to the environment. More secure and environmentally friendly. Therefore, we still call on everyone to use more degradable silicone products.

           The above is the difference between silicone straws and plastic straws. If you have any questions after reading, you can also consult the online staff.

           In addition, when choosing a silicone straw, you must choose a silicone product processed by a regular silicone product manufacturer. No matter whether it is a master or a child, you can use it with confidence. AASIN silicone products will be custom-made with food-grade high-crystalline and breathable silica gel materials. It will not hurt the body and skin, and it will produce high-quality silicone products in an excellent, secure, safe, and healthy environment.