Use Silicone Lunch Box More Secure

- Dec 06, 2019-

Silicone lunch box adopts the characteristics of food-grade environmental protection silicone material. The foldable lunch box is designed to be safe and sanitary, non-toxic and harmless, cold-resistant and temperature-resistant. Folding can save a lot of space. There are many silicone folding lunch boxes on some markets now. It can also be said that people are now choosing more and more silicone folding lunch boxes. So how to choose a manufacturer in custom folding lunch boxes? Which Silicone Folding Lunch Box Manufacturer Is Good? Then let's introduce the silicone lunch box.

Silicone lunch box custom parameters reference:


Product: Outdoor portable waterproof and heat-resistant foldable silicone lunch box | microwave oven refrigerator fresh-keeping silicone lunch box factory direct sales

Material: Food Grade Silicone + PP

Packaging: OPP bag

Temperature resistance: -40 ~ 220 ℃

Color: orange, red, green, yellow

Capacity: 350ml, 500ml, 800ml, 1200ml

Product Size:

215 * 135 * 76mm weight: 250g

185 * 120 * 70mm weight: 185g

160 * 105 * 68mm Weight: 138g

135 * 100 * 66mm weight: 100g

Product features: Foldable lunch box designed according to the characteristics of food-grade environmental protection silicone material, safe and hygienic, non-toxic and harmless, temperature resistant

-40 ~ 220 ℃, suitable for heating in the oven and freezing food in the refrigerator; foldable design for convenient storage; the cover is environmentally friendly

Transparent PP material and top vent valve design can improve freshness.




Product name: round folding silicone lunch box | creative retractable silicone lunch box

Lunch box material: food grade silicone + PP

Temperature resistance range: -40 ~ 220 ℃

Product weight: four-piece set / 730g

Product certification: SGS \ FDA

Packing size: 48 * 38 * 38CM 50PCS

Product function: food storage, carry out.

Scope of application: oven, microwave, refrigerator, etc.

Lunch box color: red, yellow, green, blue

Suitable products: Salads, meals, prepared foods, chocolates, etc. can be used.

How to use: Wash it with water before use and disinfect it in hot water. After use, it should be washed and stored in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Mini 12 * 6.5cm (3cm) Weight: 125g Capacity: 350ml

Trumpet: 14 * 6.5cm (3cm) Weight: 155g Capacity: 500ml

M: 16 * 7cm (3cm) Weight: 195g Capacity: 800ml

Large: 18 * 7.5cm (3cm) Weight: 255g Capacity: 1200ml

Silicone lunch boxes processed by regular silicone products manufacturers, both adults and children can be used with confidence. Rongjin silica gel products manufacturers will use food-grade high-crystal clear breathable silica gel raw materials to customize the production, and touch the body skin without any harm, and then to high-quality, safe and safe, healthy environment to produce high-quality silicone supplies technology.