Two Common Processes On Silicone Mobile Phone Sets

- Jul 08, 2019-


A beautifully flashing silicone mobile phone case can always cause many people to look back in various occasions, so many suppliers are strengthening the research and development of various color products of silicone products, and now you know whether you are very good at the silicone rubber product department. Curious about how its color and color separation are added?


Multicolor molding process

Multi-color molding process, multi-color molding process is a process for manufacturers to do a single mixed color. After the rubber product manufacturer mixes the rubber compound, several different color products are vulcanized successively. Vulcanization to obtain products, this is also the color card coloring we often say, this process is mainly for the concave and convex products, the products are made of color difference on both sides of the concave and convex type, this process is more applied. The place is in daily necessities, kitchen utensils, silicone jewelry and so on. The production steps are cumbersome, but the appearance looks more beautiful and integrated. This process is now widely used in silicone products.

Epoxy process

    Epoxy technology, in the past few years, this process has been widely applied to some plastic materials, hardware materials, silicone buttons, etc. As the technology continues to expand, many silicone products manufacturers are now using this process, The surface of the product is a layer of pattern, any pattern can be made, generally using crystal Epoxy, an environmentally friendly AB glue, low viscosity and high hardness, adding color (toner, pigment, pigment and glitter, transparent sequins) Such as the decorative coloring material, as long as the product is large enough to make thousands of colors in the silicone product, but the raw material is not used in the high-end material after the surface treatment of the epoxy process, it will be separated for a while.