This Knowledge Of Precipitation Method Platinum Silicone Rubber Raw Materials Is Really Very Important

- Apr 06, 2021-

The basic introduction of precipitation platinum silicone:

1. Platinum silica gel is a two-component addition molding low-temperature vulcanized silica gel. It has the characteristics of low vulcanization temperature and fast vulcanization speed. Compared with the traditional peroxide vulcanization system, it has the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and odorless.

2. Put the unpacked AB component low-temperature silica gel in the rubber mixing machine and mix until it softens. The color additives can be added in the process of 2:1, and then the A and B silica gels are mixed at a ratio of 1:1. , Mixing (20-25 times) until uniform.

3. During the mixing process, try to keep the rubber mixer roller no more than 40°C. When the temperature is high, install air-conditioning or use cooling water to reduce the temperature. The recommended curing temperature is 130°C-150°C. The actual situation of the product to determine the most suitable vulcanization temperature!

Although the performance is good, you need to pay attention to the usage method, because the price of platinum silica gel is relatively high compared with other silica gels, and operation errors will cause the platinum silica gel to be uncured and cause silica gel waste. In view of this situation, it is necessary to analyze why platinum silica gel has such a situation, and the solution.

1. When platinum silica gel comes into contact with unenvironmentally friendly substances such as sulfur, tin, lead amine and other materials, it will become poisoned and not solidified, and the liquid silica gel will form a pile of piles, or the surface will become sticky after curing, or It can't be cured completely, which causes production waste.

2. The AB component must be fully stirred evenly during use. If it is not evenly stirred, it will also cause the glue to not solidify, or the solidification is not complete, similar to sticky hands.

3. The AB component is not added according to the proportion. If the A component or the B component is added more or less, it will also cause incomplete curing of the silica gel.