The Safety Of Children's Teeth Gel Is In Focus. Is The Silicone Material Reliable?

- Oct 25, 2019-


             Children's molar sticks are currently the best growth gift for infants and young children. It not only enhances the growth of the child's squad, but also gives the infants a certain experience in the teeth. With the competition of the molar products in the market, the silicone material basically occupies. Most of the market share, many consumers will choose to use silicone material instead of other materials, but many consumers do not understand the material problems of silicone children's gutta-percha, which material standard can meet the requirements of maternal and child supplies!

           Baby silicone products usually need to meet various testing and certification requirements. The primary ROHS environmental protection certification is one of the necessary thresholds. Silicone rubber is a requirement for contact with human skin. Many silicone children's dental gels are available on the market, but some are sold. However, it is impossible to provide a higher-level test report. The reason for this is that the raw materials of the products do not meet the testing standards, so consumers cannot subscribe.

           FDA and LFGB testing are common environmental testing certifications in Europe and the United States. Generally, these two certified silicone products can basically achieve environmental protection safety levels, and different rubber materials have different matching methods. HTV rubber compounds are the main products of silicone products. Type rubber, which is applied to materials with different rubber types, mainly methyl vinyl silicone rubber. It is not only the choice of many domestic brands but also the hot rubber in food grade gas phase glue. Baby products are fully compliant.

           Food grade silica gel is also referred to as gas phase glue. It mainly takes high back and high tensile strength as the main advantage. The product has certain advantages and characteristics. Compared with ordinary glue, it can make higher elasticity, stronger toughness, greater shrinkage and yellow resistance. A silica gel product with better effect, wherein the main composition is obtained by mixing silicon dioxide with silicon dioxide and air with less air, and iron oxide and hydroxy silicone oil as auxiliary materials to obtain a raw material at a high temperature, and kneading and then molding at a high temperature. Forming reaches a food grade silicone effect.


           From the consumer's point of view, the material of the silicone tooth gel basically does not see any difference from the material, but the long-term use of the product's functionality and rebound feel will have different differences, food grade gas phase glue and common precipitation The difference between the glue and the sulfuric acid is deposited in the sodium silicate, the fineness is 300-400 mesh, and the second gas phase glue can reach more than 1000 mesh. The texture of the material and the density of the silicon molecule are higher, if you need to insist on judging Material differences can also be concluded through third-party testing and certification.