The Reason Why Silicone Products Are Difficult To Be Detached

- Oct 23, 2019-


            In the production process of silica gel products, the demolition of silica gel products is an important process. The deburring is to trim the raw edges of the silica gel products. However, due to the processing technology or the raw materials themselves, the products are difficult to be edged or not reachable. Good demolition effect, resulting in product breakdown and other undesirable situations, then how should we prevent this from happening?

          1. The vulcanization temperature is too low or the vulcanization time is too short.

          As a result, the silicone product becomes brittle, and the silicone rubber product is very flexible when not completely vulcanized, so that it is not easy to separate the burr from the product when the edge is removed.

        2. The vulcanization temperature is too high or the vulcanization time is too long.

       When the temperature of the silicone product is too high or the vulcanization time is too long, it will cause numbness or embrittlement after the product is formed. Whether it is numb or brittle, it has a great influence on the demolition.

       3. Forming thickness is too thick

       Note: As long as the shape is qualified, it is as thin as possible.

       4. The mold self-demolition design is unreasonable or the production quality is not enough or the mold is used for too long and is worn.

       When the mold is designed, the parting mold is unreasonable. When the mold is made, the self-removing of the mold is not sharp, which may cause the product to be difficult to be removed after molding. In addition, the wear of the mold in the production process, or too many times of sand blasting, will also cause the self-removal of the self-removing mouth will also affect the self-demolition performance of the silicone rubber product after molding.

        V. Self-adhesive problem

       The rubber with poor quality has insufficient tear strength and poor toughness, which is easy to cause cracking after molding.

To sum up:

         The problem of debonding of silicone products is very important. It is related to the quality and production efficiency of the products. Therefore, the molds should be strictly controlled during the production process. The thickness should not be too large during molding and the vulcanization temperature and time control during molding. Finally, Rubber compound problem, do not go to the cheap two to choose bad rubber compound, these rubber compounds have insufficient tear strength, poor toughness, in addition to affecting the release properties of the molding, and it is difficult to remove the edge, more importantly it It may cause cracking of the silicone product when the edge is removed.