The Medical Application Of Silica Gel And Its Future Development

- Aug 20, 2019-


In recent 20 years, the global rapid development of silicone rubber products at an annual rate of more than 15%, the current global silicone market scale has amounted to $6 billion, after decades of clinical application of silica gel as medical materials, has been recognized in the medical community, more and more widely used, many large companies have medical silica gel as the main target of development, great progress was made in medical silica gel.

Application status

Silicone besides can meet the basic requirements of medical polymer materials, but also has heat, cold resistant, non-toxic, resistance to aging, minimal response to human tissue, good physical and mechanical properties, etc, to become the typical medical polymer materials, widely used in the field of medical and health care, biomedical engineering, in the current numerous medical polymer materials, silica gel, either in quantity or dominant species.

Pieces of catheter

Medical catheter is the fastest developing and most widely used medical silicone products.According to the use can be divided into internal and external, external is mainly all kinds of pump pipe, such as artificial heart and lung machine pump pipe, connected with all kinds of instruments, infusion pipe;Used in the body is all kinds of intubation, catheter, drainage tube.At present, the development trend of medical catheter for human body is miniaturization, thin-walled, multi-cavity and multi-functional.Especially for the catheter indurated in the body, no matter for long-term or short-term use, the advantages of silicone rubber material and catheter are incomparable with other materials.

Brain surgery products

Used in cerebral surgery silicone products mainly include: artificial skull, titanium silicon composite repair materials, hydrocephalus six device, ventricle drainage tube, artificial dura mater, the current domestic developed using silicone and nylon fabric made of artificial dura mater, can be used to repair traumatic dural defects, repair due to the removal of the tumor in the epidural or Kitty infiltration area caused by the dura mater or defect of stiff backbone film, etc.

Ent products

Silicone products used in ent: artificial nasal bridge, artificial chin, mandible, artificial ear, artificial throat, otitis media ventilation tube, lacrimal duct probing device, lacrimal duct plug, nostril bracket, anti-snoring device, nasal hemostatic balloon, artificial ventilator wave tube, tracheotomy cannula, etc.At present, silicone rubber has been widely used in plastic surgery and repair, and can be used to repair all parts of the face and internal organs, chest, joints, etc.

 Cardiac surgery products

Silicone products used in cardiac surgery mainly include extracorporeal circulation machine pump tube, thoracic drainage tube, artificial lung silicone membrane, artificial heart ball mitral valve, etc.

Digestive products

Silicone stomach tube, duodenal tube, double coelenteron casing, nutrition tube, gastric tube decompression, gastrostomy tube fistula, stomach tube, enema, etc., before these products mainly USES PVC material, with silica gel production cost is reduced, and the more ideal silicone rubber products, softness and elasticity, so at present in China has started to replace polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products.