The Hottest And Most Popular Silicone Products In 2019

- Nov 30, 2019-

                2019 is about to pass. In the silicone industry, the entire market is still good and continues to be loved by people. Today we take a look at the hottest and most popular silicone products in 2019.

In our daily life, the use of silicone products is becoming more widespread and more and more popular. There are many features of using silicone products, easy to use, and non-toxic, tasteless, soft materials. It is particularly safe to use.


              One of the hottest and most popular silicone products in 2019: non-slip, heat-insulating silicone dishwashing gloves

Non-slip silicone heat-resistant dishwashing gloves

[Product Name]: New Amazon Hot Sale Silicone Dishwashing Gloves Dishwashing Brush Silicone Magic Gloves Kitchen Housework Gloves

[Product material]: Silicone material

【Size】: 34cm * 16cm

[Weight]: about 280g

[Color]: white, orange, blue, cyan, gray

[Scenario]: Kitchen, bathroom and other household cleaning

[Product Features]: The soft bristles have great elasticity and never deform. Food grade platinum silicone, safe and tasteless. There is no need for cleaning tools such as a rag wire ball, it is clean with one brush, without dirt, with thousands of tiny bristles, it is easy to remove stains on the uneven surface. One side of the brush design can replace cleaning tools such as rag wire balls for cleaning; the other side has a non-slip design for washing clothes or holding smooth and fragile dishes.

               The hottest and most popular silicone products in 2019 2: Car air outlet mobile phone holder (according to Alibaba platform statistics in 2019, the highest sales car phone holder)

Car air outlet mobile phone holder

[Products]: Car Air Outlet Bracket, Car Air Outlet Bracket, Car Mobile Phone Stand-Shenzhen Automobile Air Outlet Bracket Manufacturer

[Color]: cyan, green, pink, white, black

[Specifications]: 3.8 * 7.8cm

[Features]: 3m glue strong adsorption, stable paste, unlimited scenes

[Scope]: All mobile phone models in the market

[Product Features]: This car mobile phone holder is made of silicone material, no abnormal noise, more stable, gravity-linked and small and exquisite, and has a strong adsorption force, whether it is a speed reduction belt, rugged road or emergency braking Can adapt, safe and not fall, small size, do not block sight, do not block the air outlet, more in-car style, universal all mobile phone models. The mobile phone can be used after being stuck in the air outlet of the car, and it can be firmly fixed. Car and life use in many ways. Put it in the air outlet of the car while driving, and it can be fixed firmly. After getting off the car, you can use it as a mobile phone holder for daily TV watching. I also recommend that you use this mobile phone stand from Rongjin, which is of high quality, high value, beautiful and does not affect the feel, and is easy to operate.

               The hottest and most popular silicone products in 2019: Airpods ultra-thin anti-drop protection cover (effectively prevent scratches, protect Airpods charging shell, fit the size, trendy design)


Headphone case

Product Name: Apple Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Charging Case Cover | New Airpods Headphone Cover

Product color: red, green, yellow, purple, white, pink, gray (multi-color optional)

Product specifications: length 5cm * width 2.4cm * height 5.5cm

Product thickness: 1.6cm Weight: 5g

Material: Silicone

Product features: Airpods protective cover is made of food-grade silicone material, lightweight and compact, shockproof and drop-resistant, effectively prevent scratches, fit the size, trendy appearance design. The case body is treated with micro-frosted technology, which has a smooth feel without leaving traces, rich colors and colorful, charging holes at the bottom, and charging without removing the sleeve.


Silicone product features:

Super flexible, no deformation, stable and durable, non-slip, anti-corrosion.

1: Non-toxic, odorless, highly transparent, and corrosion resistant;

2: No cracking, long service life, cold and high temperature resistance;

3: Has high tear strength and good leak-proof function;

4: Washable and easy to clean;

5: Food grade silicone material, no rubber and other odors;

6: Silicone has high flexibility, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Suitable for cooking and baking. It is a raw material that can be directly contacted with food, simple and practical;

7: Pass the test, health and environmental protection, can prevent the reproduction of bacteria and fungi. Therefore, there are a large number of silicone products in baby products and medical supplies. Such as: pacifiers, silicone shaping, etc .;

8: can be recycled and used, not easy to age;

9: The structural mechanical properties are stable and the temperature range is wide. The temperature range (-40 ℃ -230 ℃) is evenly heated by heating;

10: Corrosion resistance to detergents and other corrosive substances, easy to clean.