The Details Of The Silicone Factory Machine Table, What Are The Effects Of The Mold Die Pad?

- Nov 06, 2019-


           The pre-production of silicone rubber products is the key to ensuring its later functional use and appearance quality. In many cases, the products cannot be produced during the processing, which may be caused by some reason, so each silicone product manufacturer is in the process of production and processing. There will be some tips and industry standard specifications, such as silicone release agent, mold release method and raw material formula, etc., but the machine mold pad is a relatively earthy but practical production control method, then add it And what effect does it have without it?

          The mold pad is a necessary mold change method for the silicone rubber product factory. It is mainly used as a cushioning and anti-vibration function in the middle of the machine template and the mold template. If the mold is used, the mold will be directly used. The contact between the mold and the machine board will cause the mold to collide directly with the machine board. In the long run, it will damage the balance of the machine and the mold core. Therefore, it is a necessary soil method in the silicone product industry, and it is also the key to the production. .

          Different products can choose different die pads. For example, if the pressure on the machine is small or the die size is small, you can choose to replace it with kraft paper box. The small machine can be replaced by paper, and some larger products need to be selected. The rubber is used to make the mold. The material of the mold can be selected from expired rubber and miscellaneous materials. It is naturally formed by the high temperature pressing of the mold and the machine.

          If there is a long-term instability of the product or the damage of the drum package, it is likely that there is no mold pad or die pad on the mold and the force is biased. Therefore, there are problems or instability in the production process of the silicone product. When you want, try changing the mold to a mold pad.

         It can be seen that an inconspicuous die pad will greatly improve the processing quality and efficiency of the silicone products. Therefore, there are many remedies for the mixing of raw materials, the placement of materials and the trimming of raw edges. Try it!