The Advantages Of Silicone Products

- May 07, 2019-

Silicone kitchen utensils and other silicone products, once only available abroad, with the development of China's science and technology, silicone baby supplies, silicone kitchen supplies, medical silicone appliances and silicone mobile phone cover, etc., can be seen everywhere in China, bringing more convenience to people. However, why are silicone products so popular? The reasons are that:

1. High temperature resistance of silicone products, Temperature resistance 40 - 220 degrees

2. Long service life: the advantages of chemical stability make it have longer service life than other products.


3. Easy to clean: Clean water scouring is a common cleaning method. If stubborn oil stains are encountered, cotton swabs can be dipped in alcohol for scrubbing.

4. silicone material is comfortable and soft: silicone materials are mostly transparent and soft, so the products made are comfortable and flexible.

5. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: the high temperature resistance feature makes it produce no non-toxic and harmless substances from raw materials.

6. Silicone products can be made in various colors: they can produce different colors according to customers'needs and provide more selectivity.