Talk About The Technical Characteristics Of Silicone Rubber Products

- Jun 27, 2019-


Withstand voltage: ≥6.0KV Operating temperature: -60+200 Specific gravity: 1.2 Hardness: 70±5 Tensile strength: ≥6.5 Color: transparent, white, black, red, yellow, green Application: Suitable for home appliances, lighting, medical equipment Wait. 


Silicone rubber is a new type of polymer elastic material with excellent high temperature resistance (250-300 ° C) and low temperature resistance (-40-60 ° C). It has good physiological stability and can withstand repeated and severe requirements. And disinfection conditions, with excellent resilience and permanent deformation (200 ° C 48 hours no more than 50%), breakdown voltage (20-25KV / mm), ozone resistance, UV resistance. It is resistant to radiation and has special oil resistance. For example, fluorosilicone rubber has excellent oil resistance. Solvent resistance, it is for aliphatic. Aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents. Oil-based fuel oil. Hydraulic oils and certain synthetic oils, such as ester lubricants. The silicate liquid hydraulic oil and the like have good stability at normal temperature, and the phenylene silicone rubber has excellent high-temperature radiation resistance, and the r-ray can maintain elasticity even when it is up to 1×109 rpm.