Special Effect Makeup Platinum Silicone Material Super Soft Platinum Silicone

- Aug 11, 2020-

1. Features of platinum silicone

Film and television special effects makeup platinum silica gel is a kind of addition molding silica gel. It consists of two parts. The AB component is a fluid liquid material, the A component is a glue, and the B component is a platinum catalyst and other additives, two components The mixing ratio is 1:1. The normal color of this product is translucent, and the color can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The skin color is generally used for special effects makeup. It becomes a soft elastic material after 1:1 mixing and vulcanization.


2. The advantages of platinum silicone for film and television special effects makeup Platinum catalyst is used, which is non-toxic and odorless. It will not cause any harm to skin products if it contacts the skin for a long time.good air permeability, low linear shrinkage,Very high softness, the vulcanized heel feels the same as human skin

Super elongation can reach 900%, and excellent tear strength The color can be customized according to customer requirements, and customers can also make their own colors

Easy to operate, 1:1 mixing and stirring can be cured at room temperature or heated to cure, the curing time can be adjusted according to customer requirements

3. Use of platinum silicone for special effects in film and television

Mainly used for film and television facial makeup, film and television skin, prosthetics, artificial hands, film and television props, etc. and the production of film and television entities