Some Small Knowledge About Silicone

- Jun 10, 2020-

Liquid silicone needs to be produced with an injection machine. It is mainly used for baby products, medical supplies and electronic products (keys). There is also a kind of A/B mixed directly into the mold and then baked in the oven oven (silicone breast milk) Production operation method), as well as the silicone used to make liquid silicone rollers, trademark glue, etc., mainly depends on what product you use.

Advantages of liquid silicone:

1. Liquid silicone has excellent transparency;

2. Tear strength, resilience, yellowing resistance;

3. Thermal stability, water resistance, good breathability,

4. Heat aging resistance and weather resistance, meanwhile, the viscosity is moderate and easy to operate;

5. The product has high transparency, you can see whether the casting material in the mold has defects such as bubbles;

Linear shrinkage rate ≤ 0.1%, precise copy product size.


How to use liquid silicone:

1. Mix the two components A and B evenly at a weight ratio of 1:1, and irrigate after vacuum defoaming. 30 minutes operating time at room temperature (28 degrees), fully cured in 2-3 hours; heating at 60-120 degrees can be completely cured in a few minutes;

2. Separate from the container that has used condensed silica gel during operation, and use the unused room temperature silicone tool to operate this silica gel;

3. Before use, first do a skin test on the mold to see if it will solidify before putting it into use.

 Notes on liquid silicone:

Liquid silicone can be stored for 6 months at room temperature. During use, water, impurities, organic tin catalysts of condensed silicone rubber, acids, alkalis, and other organic compounds containing sulfur, phosphorus, and nitrogen may affect the curing of the glue. Impurities.