Some Small Knowledge About Mold Reversal Silicone

- Jun 13, 2020-

      First of all, the first question: what products will use overmolding silicone? Then there are many products, for example, gypsum, cement, culture stone, sandstone and other products can be used to turn mold silicone, in short, as long as soluble and solidified, you can use mold silicone, because the role of mold silicone It's a remake!

     Secondly, the second question: how to use mold reversal silicone, what are the precautions? The ratio of mold reversible silicone is usually 100:2, that is to say 100 grams of silica gel, 2 grams of curing agent, the two components are weighed by an electronic scale and then mixed and stirred evenly, and then can be poured or painted, pay attention to After the two components are stirred and mixed, you only have a stirring time of about 30 minutes, and you must ensure that at room temperature below 25 degrees, if the stirring time is too long, the silica gel will start to crosslink and solidify, and the fluidity will become worse and worse, so Time and room temperature should be controlled.


     The last question: What tools do I need to prepare before turning the silicone mold? A stirring rod; a stirring bucket; a vacuum machine; because the viscosity of this glue is about 15000, so use a vacuum machine to evacuate and remove the bubbles, so the mold will not have bubbles left However, it should be noted that the time of vacuuming should not be too long, at most 5 minutes. If the time of vacuuming is too long, it will damage some of the tensile and tear resistance of silicone.