Silicone Rubber Raw Material Processing Details, The Original Product?

- Nov 15, 2019-


            Civil compound rubber has driven the technology and progress of China's major industries with the development of society in recent years. The mixing of silicone rubber products has become one of the important raw materials and has become an environmentally friendly colloidal product that cannot be missed in all major industries. However, the rubber compound material belongs only to the semi-finished product of the product. The quality of the compound rubber material directly affects the quality of the finished product in the post-process, so the quality of the product in the mixing process depends on the method of rubber mixing, so today Take everyone to know the knowledge of mixing rubber!

Production process of rubber compound:

          1. Adjusting the wheelbase: The first step of rubber mixing is to adjust the wheelbase of the rubber mixer to a high pitch. Since the solid rubber material just placed is in a block shape, the thickness of the roller shaft needs to be increased to 10 mm. The above guarantees that the silica gel material can be dissipated, and the wheelbase is gradually reduced when the material is dispersed to a certain temperature in the early stage, and the wheelbase of the roll is adjusted after the material is completely fused with the vulcanizing agent and the color glue. can

         2, material refining: material refining process is a more important process, in the process of processing, a roll of material needs to be repeatedly mixed for 20 to 30 minutes to fully mix the material, to ensure that the subsequent production of silicone products is not Material marks and quality problems, and the most important one is the control problem during the operation. Due to the limitation of the width of the mixer, it is necessary to have a stable arm and a delicate technique in order to produce a roll of material.

         3. Add color glue and vulcanizing agent: Add vulcanizing agent and color glue when the material is evenly mixed, and add according to the weight ratio of the material. Otherwise, the material may have color difference and vulcanization unfamiliar phenomenon, and both can be added at the same time. However, when adding a vulcanizing agent, it is necessary to control its reel. It cannot be completely wrapped in the middle of the rubber compound, otherwise there will be static electricity or even an open flame. In addition, many customers will add some quantum or other substances in the silica gel product, which have different powder shapes. As well as water and cream.


         4, the out roller: the out roller is also the most important step of the silicone product manufacturer, the rubber material of the product out of the roller is related to the subsequent specific gravity of the cutting and the weight of the product produced, because the bottom of the roller is separated by a separate blade, and The weight of the rubber is not light, so it must be finished in one round during the winding process. If the operator's hand strength is insufficient during the winding process, the material will be offset or fall, then you have to start all over again and rewind the glue. Paper is also not available.

Precautions for rubber mixing:

        1. The mixing time is not easy to be too long. When the mixing is evenly dispersed, the silica gel material is completely wrapped by the roller, and when the surface is smooth, the mixing can be completed. It will stick to the roller for too long. The mixing time is particularly short and cooling should be enhanced to keep the roller temperature low.


        2. In the close-mixing procedure, it is necessary to prevent the temperature of the machine. According to the actual indoor temperature or season, it is necessary to confirm whether the machine needs to open the cooling water, so as to avoid the phenomenon that the roller is hot. The more mature people know that during the rubber mixing process. The machine is heated with the extrusion of the silicone raw material, and the cooling water for the rubber of different hardness is generally not installed in the rubber mixing workshop, which may cause the machine to heat up, and the rubber is soft. , not fusion and other phenomena!

       3, the rubber must be mixed evenly after the silica gel product will not have the phenomenon of cross-color material marks, etc. In the roller mixing process, if the color glue and vulcanization still stick to the roller shaft, then it proves that the material has not yet Completely dispersed, since the distance between the two rollers will automatically increase with the hardness of the rubber, it is necessary to lock the pitch of the roller during the winding process.