Silicone Rubber Products Enterprise Intelligent Production Natural Silicone Rubber Prices Will Rise

- Jul 10, 2019-


In addition to large-scale production of silicone rubber products manufacturers, most of them are small and medium-sized production of various industrial civil silicone rubber products. In order to ensure the advantage in the competition, many companies around the world have taken measures to reduce costs, such as using intelligent production mode to improve efficiency. Many manufacturers in the global silicone rubber industry have their own intelligent production technology. With the popularization of intelligent production, will other silicone rubber products manufacturers continue this kind of intelligent production? The cost of open source and throttling control is the foundation of an enterprise's survival. For some small and medium-sized silicone rubber products enterprises, we will vigorously study intelligent production. Technology is not easy. In order to reduce production costs, vulcanizer energy conservation is the most important research direction.


Due to geographical and climatic factors in China, except for a small amount of silicone rubber trees planted in Hainan, most areas have no natural silicone rubber planting and production. According to customs statistics, composite silicone rubber imported from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam in 2015 accounted for 43.9%, 36.4%, 9.4% and 4.5% of China's imports, respectively, a total of 94.2%. Our natural silicone rubber import tariff is as high as 20%, which brings pressure on silicone rubber products manufacturers, which seriously affects the competitiveness of silicone rubber enterprises in the world. The main problems facing the silicone rubber industry in today's market are excessive price fluctuations, high dependence on foreign countries, and high import tariffs. As far as the problems facing China are concerned, an important solution is to expand the national natural silicone rubber reserves. Natural silicone rubber is a strategic substance, and the state should improve its reserve mechanism and expand the reserves of natural silicone rubber. The national reserve rubber will play a consolidating role in the unstable period of the market, reduce the raw material cost of the silicone rubber producers, and ensure that the normal operation of the enterprise fully plays its role. Secondly, domestic enterprises are encouraged to take advantage of decades of large-scale production experience, use international advanced production technology and technology to improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Silicone rubber products enter the international market to participate in competition with high cost performance.

Natural silicone rubber

Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand are the main producers of natural silicone rubber in the world. In recent years, they have learned from China and taken the road of industrialization. They have the advantage of natural raw material prices. Now they are still in the early stage, the quality and processing capacity of silicone rubber products are behind our country. In a few years, they will soon approach our level. At that time, the production pressure of our silicone rubber products manufacturers can be imagined at home and abroad. know.