Silicone Regeneration Problems

- Oct 12, 2019-


        Drying regeneration should be careful to take a gradual increase in temperature, so as not to cause severe dry particles burst, lower recoveries.
For regeneration when silicone baking temperature is too high will cause changes in the pore structure of silica gel adsorption effect of significantly reducing the impact value. For blue gel indicator or color gel, desorption regeneration temperature should not exceed 120 ℃, otherwise they will be gradual oxidation reagent and lose color effect.


         By silica gel regenerated should generally be sieved to remove fine particles, so that the particles uniformly.
Storage and packaging
       Silicone has a strong capacity to absorb moisture and should be stored in a dry place, packaging, between the ground and have a shelf. There packaging drums, drum, cardboard, plastic bottles, polyethylene plastic bags, FIBC, etc. Packing see specific classification product description. During transportation to avoid rain, moisture and sunlight.