Silicone Raw Materials Are Prone To Problems

- Oct 21, 2019-


            Making silicone products requires a lot of process. The preparation process is the first process to be done in many processes. It is the basis for making silicone products. If there are problems in the preparation process, then the products are equivalent to defective products, and the market is not. There will be demand, so the preparation process is sloppy for every manufacturer of silicone products. The following is a description of the problems that are likely to occur in the preparation process of silica gel raw materials. The general problem in the preparation process is that the product will have two kinds of color difference colors. We generally call it a corrugated defect, that is, the color of the corrugation will be a little deeper than the body color of the silicone product, so generally these problems are mainly caused by The impact of three aspects.


          First of all, it may be because the silica gel raw material is unevenly mixed during the preparation process, the mixing time is too short, and the mixing unevenness time is too short, then the color masterbatch in the silica gel is not completely attached to the silica gel raw material. It will cause some places to have dark colors and light ripples.

         Secondly, it may be that the silica gel raw material is placed for too long during stocking, resulting in poor flowability of the raw material, or excessive addition of the silicone raw material vulcanizer, which may lead to poor corrugation.

         In addition, the silica raw material preparation process also requires a vulcanization process. When the vulcanization temperature is improperly set during vulcanization, when the vulcanization temperature exceeds the temperature resistance of the color masterbatch, the color masterbatch may easily be discolored at a high temperature. In this case, some color masterbatch is to go to performance, it will also lead to poor ripples. Therefore, for a silicone product manufacturer, in the production management of the product, the material preparation process is a very important link. I hope that everyone should also pay attention to the preparation of the silica raw material, and pay attention to the problems that are easy to occur in the preparation of the silica raw material.