Silicone Product Appearance Treatment Process Considerations

- Nov 11, 2019-


           Due to the immaturity of technology and technology, in the 1980s and 1990s, the "silicone products" custom processing is not the way most people choose, and most people will choose to find the current model spot production, but with the growth of China's artisan technology over the years Many people have a strong interest in the customization of silicone products. If you want to make a silicone product, you only need to open the mold to customize it. Before the mold is opened, many people ignore the surface appearance of the product, but they are making it. After the mold surface of the product does not agree, how do you know about the surface treatment of silicone products?

         The mold directly carved surface is the simplest surface treatment, usually engraved LOGO fonts and some simple patterns are perfect. This type is usually used in silicone products to make some simple LOGO or letter patterns, which can be produced.

         In fact, the appearance of silica gel is not a matter of material and processing, but the effect achieved by the treatment on the mold. Usually, the surface effect of many silica gel products is matte surface, also known as matte surface. This effect is more common, then those Have you seen the unusual surface treatment?


         Under normal circumstances, the surface of the mold will be examined, and the surface of the mold will be processed and the surface of the mold will be treated well. After the treatment, the matte surface will be selected because the matte effect is a relatively simple processing method, mainly using sandblasting. The machine aligns the sand particles with the mold to make the surface of the knife surface be washed by the sand particles to achieve the frosting effect, but the matte surface is also divided into different thicknesses, and different thicknesses are treated with different sandstones.

         Bright surface is a relatively high-end surface effect, also known as mirror effect. Usually, the surface is polished with oil stone before processing. After cleaning the knife mark, it is polished with polishing paste and polishing paste to achieve mirror effect. Under normal circumstances, polishing with a polishing machine is also useful for ultrasonic polishing. However, the prerequisite for a bright surface mold is to require high-quality steel and correct heat treatment effect, and the silicone gift effect will be better.

        The sun-printed surface is a common type of surface treatment effect in silicone gifts. It is mainly used to cover the mold in the vertical effect. It is usually treated with laser, film, compound etching technology and biting process to wake up the mold surface. Up to 0.01mm, the pattern and pattern can be produced, the surface is meticulous, and the realistic appearance can make the appearance of the silicone surface more beautiful and perfect. This kind of technology is costly, so the silicone processing manufacturers rarely choose to use this bite surface treatment.

        The surface treatment has many grain effects, different thickness and smoothness, etc., mainly depends on the detailed requirements of the product and the appearance treatment effect!